Sunday, 13 May 2012

Chemtrails vs Con trails

 Look up in the sky

When we look up in the sky on a sunny day in the country side we can normally see trails behind these plains, we assume they are perfectly ok, well after my research I have discovered that it is far from ok. You generally see these trails mostly in the country side were farms and crops are so that these trails can mix in with the clouds. The longer you look and investigate the clearer the picture gets, these trails start being webbed in rows then trails cut across so after a while you start to see a webbing happening, then these trails spread out. Not too long ago our skies were clear with no such thing as a trail, our waters were pure and forests were full of life, then things started to change. Strange clouds started appearing the sky, by clouds I mean chem trails. Con trails are the short ones that come from normal jet trails which are just condensed water vapour created in the air by the airplane, it's the long trails that we need to worry and focus on. Our sky before these trails..

Our sky now..

All I know for a fact is that these chemtrails are not good for any of us, there are a few possibilities what they do and I understand most of them research and find out. These trails can be for weather control, population control or biological or chemical warfare. Ive notice that when I go for a run I get weezy very easily, and never used to be like that and I dont smoke or havn't changed my life style at all, makes you wonder does it not? 

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